USS FOX (DLG/CG-33) Reunion Association
Meeting Minutes
Oct. 7, 2017



The regular meeting of the USS FOX (DLG/CG-33) Reunion Association was called to order at 10:00 AM on Oct. 7, 2017 in San Antonio, TX by President Mike Hare.


List of Attendees:Martin Acosta, Carl Albrecht, Ed Baker, Richard Bohannon, Randal Carpenter, Cash Chambliss, Mark Chew, Rhett Cozart, Mike Cunningham, Joe Doran, Dan Gaines, Richard Glover, Michael Hare, John Harry, Jerry Johnson, Robert Jones, David Kaylor, Rich Littlefield, Bill Moore, Larry Norris, Lynden Rader, Frank Rochefort, Augie Schumacher, Jim Steenworth, Jim Stovall, Blaine Strampe, Matt Strickland, Gary Tegel, Codey Vogt, Bill Williams.

A. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 2015 reunion were read by Pres. Hare. Motion by Norris, second by Rich Littlefield to approve. Motion carried
B. Treasurer’s Report
Lyn Rader gave his treasurerís report. The cash balance on hand in the checking account Dec. 31, 2016 is $10,429.92. The balance as of Sep. 30, 2017 is $15,042.80. There will be bills coming in for this reunion. Motion by Chambliss, second by Strickland to accept the report. Motion carried.
C. Election of Board Members and Officers
President Hare announced that due to health reasons, VP Habib was unable to continue as VP. Also, with the loss of Wes Moore, there is a vacancy on the Board. Bill Moore volunteered for the VP position and Ed Baker volunteered to fill the board position. Motion by Cozart, second by Jones to elect the present slate of board and officers. Motion carried.
Officers and Directors are:  
President - Mike Hare Director - Rhett Cozart
Vice President - Bill Moore Director - John Harry
Secretary - Blaine Strampe Director - George Chambers
Treasurer - Lynden Rader Director - Gary Nissen
  Director - Ken Shaw
  Director - Ed Baker

D. Old Business
Motion by Chambers, second by Littlefield that Wes Moore revise the dues section of the bylaws. Motion carried.
E. New Business
There is a need for a person to work on the web site. John Harry volunteered his wife, Monica. She was confirmed by the members. Motion by Tegel, second by Doran to create a scholarship fund in memory of Wes Moore the purpose of which is to assist potential attendees who otherwise would be unable to attend the reunions. Motion carried. A donation jar was immediately created. The fund will be known as the Wes Moore Memorial Scholarship Fund. Motion by Cozart, second by Strickland to set the amount given to any one person at up to $599.00 and the award(s) to be administered by the Board. Motion carried. Discussion of the location of the next reunion was held. Many suggestions were made and discussed. Motion by Doran, second by Littlefield to hold the 2019 reunion on the east coast with the Board and Officers to select the exact location. Motion carried
Motion by Baker, second by Doran to adjourn at 11:08 AM. Motion carried.
Minutes submitted by Blaine M. Strampe, Secretary.
Approved by Michael Hare, President
On a sad note, word was received after this meeting that Phil Habib passed away on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017.


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