Memories of Those who served on the USS Fox

The Caddy

At the end of 1968 after our 2nd Westpac deployment fellow FT's Carl Albrecht, Rick Friday and I purchased a 53 Cadillac for $130.

It supplied needed transportation with minimum problems.

When the USS Fox left San Diego for Bremerton the "Caddy" was on deck with a number of other cars for transport to the Bremerton area. Several more month redirected transportation and we arrived at the end of our yard time. I received orders to the USS King.

The partnership decided to disperse of the "Caddy". Friday posted an ad on a local Bulletin Board: "$100 luxury automobile, 1953 Cadillac. Two door hardtop. Yellow with brown top. Complete with fender skirt."

The USS Missouri had recently arrived in the yards which increased our possible market. A day after the posting of the ad Friday was contacted by a First Class GM of the Missouri. He came to look the car over and kicked tires. We answered all questions regarding his test drive.

No, the glowing oil light wasn't a problem just keep the engine revved up.

No, the drive side wine didn't go all the way up, but all the way but 40.5 inches.

No, we didn't have a Jack or spare tire.

After that we didn't expect to hear from that GM again but he contacted Friday the next day. He said "Well, I have talked to all my stockholders and the most we can come up with is $80".

Friday responded "SOLD!" The Caddy was then moved to a number of Missouri sailors.